Fayetteville Camellia Club
  • Louise Fitzgerald

    Fayetteville Camellia Club's
    75th Annual Camellia Show 
    & Plant Sale

    Cape Fear Botanical Gardens
    536 N. Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville NC 28301

    March 4th and 5th 
    Flower display open to the public 1-4 p.m. both days

    Learn more by going to the link above.
Julius Nuccio

Up Coming Club Events 

  • Saturday, March 18: Tour of Smith Garden
  •  This is a private garden that runs through the block on a crowded street. For this reason, please plan to meet at 10:00 a.m. at Judy’s house, 334 Devane St., Fayetteville NC 28305, so that we can combine cars for the trip. 
  • Saturday, April 22: Old Stage Nursery
  • Plan to meet at the nursery at 10:30 a.m. It's quite large and has many different plants at great prices. Go through at your own place, but plan to meet back together at noon to go to the restaurant for lunch.
  • Please note the address carefully - there are several nurseries in close proximity to each other, owned by members of the same family, so it can be confusing!  The correct address is:
     Old Stage Nursery, 7181 Old Stage Rd N, Angier, NC 27501
  • There is a large tree near the entrance, and a small sign at ground level pointing to Old Stage Nursery.
  • Lunch will be at: Stephenson's BBQ, 11964 NC Hwy 50 North, Willow Spring, NC 27592 
  • Sunday, May 7, 1:00 p.m.: End of year Picnic and Auction
  • This year it will be held at Cape Fear Botanical Garden in the ground level pavilion behind the main building. 

Camellia japonica 'Desire'

Our Mission

The Fayetteville Camellia Club is a self-sufficient membership society. Through the years, the club has followed its original purpose: "To stimulate and extend appreciation of camellias and to encourage and support the science and art of camellia culture." 

Monthly meetings feature guest speakers who focus on different aspects of camellia culture, as well as other gardening topics of interest, enabling club members to increase their overall knowledge. 

Through the annual spring Fayetteville Camellia Show, many new people are introduced to the beauty and variety of camellias. Club members are available to answer questions and give recommendations for camellias that grow well in this area.  Members' enthusiasm, friendliness, and willingness to find answers for all questions make it easy for newcomers to feel at home at the show, and in the club.  Come and join us in our mission!

Camellia Tidbit

Camellia wood is among the densest on Earth producing wood that is far denser than the Live Oak tree, whose life span is about one third that of the camellia. The wood from the Camellia is known for it's luxurious color and it's fine grains which gives it a very smooth feel.

Fayetteville Camellia Club